Sections PageThanks to those who downloaded Discourse.

Unfortunately, Discourse is now no longer available in the Windows Store.


If you've already downloaded Discourse, you can still re-download it

Even though Discourse is no longer available in the Windows Store for new downloads, you can re-download it if you already own it. Unfortunately there's a Windows Store bug that makes this more complex than it should be.

Installing Discourse is available from the “Your apps” section in the Windows Store. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the Windows Store from the Start Screen
  2. Bring up the AppBar (either slide up from the edge or right-mouse)
  3. Select “Your apps”

Sections Page

  1. Select “Apps not installed on this PC” and “Sort by name”
  2. Locate Discourse in the list
  3. Select Discourse (with a right-mouse, or swipe select – Don’t just tap/click it.). If you do tap or click you’ll be taken to the Discourse information screen that fails to allow you to install it (this would seem to be a Windows bug to me!).
  4. Choose “Install” from the AppBar at the bottom of the screen

Sections Page

  1. Discourse will then install.

Sorry for any inconvenience!